To potential partners and collaborators:

RIKEN BIO Co. Ltd. is always searching for partners and collaborators on any relevant research and development plans. We already have a partner for the presymptomatic diagnosis plan but are open about the other plans.

We also accept any support for research and development. A number of organizations will benefit from our activities. Insurance companies will benefit because the number of patients and caregivers will decrease; automobile and travel industries will benefit because the number of long-term users will increase.

Moreover, the socioeconomical burdens on younger generations will be smaller if aged people can stay healthy as long as possible. If not, taxes and other burdens would become enormous.

See, for instance, Alzheimer Association Facts and Figures.

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Takeshi Iwatsubo, University of Tokyo, and Takaomi C. Saido, RIKEN BSI & RIKEN BIO Co. Ltd.